Making "My Macaroni" Work For You

June 3, 2011

A little info on this great feature

By: Wanda Carter
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Have you spent all week sifting through the papers, stacks of magazines, pamphlets and flyers, only to get to the car on the day of, and not have the address? Then you have to unload everyone, head back in and look up the address, print out the page, only to arrive exhausted, and late.
Macaroni Kid to the rescue! (Dramatic music here)

Lakewood Macaroni Kid delivers all of the family fun events happening to your inbox each Thursday.

What is “My Macaroni?”

Have you ever wished to have an extra hour or 2 in your day? Who hasn't? My Macaroni gives you that each week FREE to your inbox!

My Macaroni is a one of a kind feature that allows you to build your own list of events that you would like to enjoy with your family. MK is oober-local, so instead of getting lists of events from all over Lafayette, you can sign up for the areas that your family is interested in and use the My Macaroni to unite all of your lists.

One paper, with addresses, phone numbers, times, and prices in one convenient list!

Here we go:

1. Simply, click on the “Add to My Macaroni” button under each event that you might want to check out with your family.

2. When you are done checking out all of your area MK newsletters, go to the “My Macaroni” on the left side of the screen, and it will take you to your personalized list of family fun events all around the West Metro Area.

3. Next click “Download PDF.” It will make a nice, clean PFD for you to print out or email to friends, family, or event pass out to playgroups so everyone will be on the same page.

TIP: Make your shopping list on the back, and you will have everything needed to walk out the door on one convenient sheet!

This is your FREE gift, courtesy of our sponsors, delivered to your inbox each Tuesday. Start spending less time searching for fun, and more time HAVING fun!

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