Fighting Love By Abby Niles

April 21, 2010

This is a book for mature audiences

By: Cara Scott
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Julie and Tommy are best friends.  They have been for over twenty years.  Tommy loves Julie and Julie is in love with Tommy.  Tommy has always been a protective older brother to Julie, and Julie has always wanted to be Tommy even if it was just as friends.  After losing his MMA title fight, losing his fight contract and losing his home to a fire, Tommy needs Julie.  Moving in with his best friend shouldn't be a big deal, that is what best friends are for but can their relationship stay purely friendly when they share the same house?  This is book about friendship and finding out if your best friend can also become the love of your life.

I loved this book.  Stories of friends becoming lovers are one of my favorite type of storylines and this book doesn't disappoint.  The sexual tension build up throughout this book was AMAZING. At times I think I wanted Tommy to touch Julie even more than she did!  There is just the write of passion throughout this book and it never felt out of place or added just for the sake of spicing things up.  Writer Abby Niles does a great job of telling this story from both points of view and I always love hearing things from a Tommys perspective. 

I was provided an ARC of this book by NetGalley, Entangled Publishing and Abby Niles in exchange for my honest review

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