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Subscriber Contest! Enter to win an OXO prize pack

April 17, 2014

Contest ends April 30, 2014

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Macaroni Kid delivers great information right to your inbox each week - local event listings, activities and crafts for your kids, book reviews, local business information, and more!  So why isn't everyone subscribed?  Macaroni Kid National thought that maybe a contest would help, and not just any contest - a contest where you could win an amazing prize pack worth $250 from one of our favorite sponsors OXO!

You heard right!  For the month of April, every new subscriber will have a chance to win an OXO prize pack and let's face it, who doesn't absolutely LOVE OXO?  Wouldn't it be great for your mom, neighbor, or spouse to win?!  Get them to sign up!  Can't think of who to spread the word to?  Local business owners, your child's piano teacher, your neighbor who coaches soccer, your friend who just had a baby, or your child's scout leader are just a few of the many, many people you can tell about the great resource called "Macaroni Kid"!

Just tell your friends and family to go to www.national.macaronikid.com and choose their community using the drop down menu and subscribe today!