Macaroni Craft: After Holiday Egg Craft

April 24, 2014
By: Stephanie Clunn, North Lake Macaroni Kid
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Stephanie Clunn
Everyone loves the annual Easter egg hunt each year, but what to do with all those eggs afterwards? Sure, you could store them until next year - but not many of us do... or if you're anything like me, finding them the next year would be the real hunt! 

Here are a few self-explanatory DIY crafts that were easy, a ton of fun for the littles and didn't we just feel clever! Enjoy!

Simple Memory Game

Basket of Strawberries (Kids loved turning the eggs into strawberries with a Sharpie)

What Mom wouldn't want a little educational fun thrown in? Have junior turn the egg half until the right letter forms a word.

 Just for Fun: Little chickies hatching!

One of the faves: Press some play dough into the bottoms of the eggs and they will tip over, but they don't stay down! So fun!