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2014 Vacation Bible Schools - Lakewood & Littleton

May 15, 2014
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It's not too early to think about Vacation Bible Schools.  The kids will be out of school before you know it, VBS is a great way to keep them busy.

Macaroni Kid Lakewood/Littleton is here to help! Here with your Macaroni Kid Vacation Bible School Guide.  This is one small part of your Summer Fun Guide that will be rolling out over the next few weeks. Your Summer Fun Guide will include; local parks, concert guides, and more.

Bear Valley Church  - June 16-20, 9am-noon
""Weird Animals"
4yo - 6th grade

Faith Mountain
- June 23-27, 5:30-8:30pm
"Agency D-3"

First Presbyterian Church of Lakewood - June 23-27, 6:30-8:30pm
"Workshop of Wonders:  Imagine and Build with God!"
5yo - 12yo

Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church - Contact church for more information
Fourth week in June

Lakewood Babtist Church
- June 16-20 - 9am-12:15pm
"Agency D-3"
infants - 4yo with parent
5yo - 5th grade

Lakewood United Church of Christ - June 16-20, 9am-12:00pm
"Welcome!  Give and Receive God's Great Love"
3yo - 6th grade

Lakewood Church of Christ
- June 9-13 (Contact church for additional information)
3yo-5th grade

Lutheran Church of The Master
- June 22-26, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
"Weird Animals"
(Contact church for additional information)

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
- - June 22-26, 5:00pm-8pm Sunday, 5:30pm-8:30pm all other days
"Caretakers of God's Creation"
3yo - 99


Abiding Hope Lutheran Church
- June 2-5, 9am-12:00pm
"Son West Roundup"
Birth to 5yo

Ascention Lutheran Church
- June 23-27, 9am-12:00pm
3yo to 6th grade

Bethany Lutheran Church - June 23-27
"Forgiven:  A Better Version of Me!"
3yo-5th grade

Calvary South Denver - June 23-27, 9am-12:00pm
"Weird Animals"
4yo-6th grade

Church of God Littleton - August
Contact church for additional information

Columbine United Church - June 8-12, 9am-12:00pm
"Wilderness Escape:  Where God Guides and Provides"
preschool to 5th grade

1st Presbyterian Church of Littleton - June 28-11, 9am-12:00pm
Contact church for additional information

Foothills Bible Church  - June 9-13, 9am-12:15pm
"VBS Scavanger Hunt"
Contact church for additional information

Heritage United Methodist Church
- July 14-18, 9am-12:00pm
"Workshop of Wonders:  Imagine and Build with God!"
3yo to 5th grade

Littleton Babtist Church - Community VBS - June 16-20, 9am-12:15pm
3yo and up

Littleton United Methodist Church -  July 28-Aug 1, 9:30-12:30PM
"Weird Animals"
2yo - 6th grade

West Bowles Church - June 23-27
"Weird Animals"
4yo - 6th grade
Contact church for additional information

St. Thomas More Catholic Parish - June 23-27, 9am-12:30pm
"Workshop of Wonders:  Imagine and Build with God!"
PK - 5th grade

**Please contact the churches for location, fees (if any), registration and additional information.**

This list is in it's beginning stages. If you know of a VBS in our area that isn't listed, please be sure to let me know. You can email me at [email protected] or comment below.

Summer Fun Guide Quick Links
2014 Vacation Bible Schools
Lakewood & Littleton Recreation Centers
Lakewood & Littleton Libraries
*Our Summer Fun Guide is in it's beginning stages.  Be on the lookout for more fun guides to follow.

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