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May is Water Safety Month! Important Life Saving Tips

May 22, 2014
By: Jaime Zilverberg, Owner Operator SafeSplash Swim School - Lakewood, Littleton & Centennial
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May is National Water Safety Month and with summer fast approaching now is the time to review water safety and swimming skills before kids hit the pool.  Moms and dads can play a role in how quickly their children embrace water safety.  All it takes is bringing young ones to the local pool regularly.  Spending time with them poolside is a great way to model appropriate swimming and water safety behavior.

Not only does water safety mean treating time around the pool with respect, it can be a life-saving precaution for those children who are curious and fearless at bath-time.  Below are some great tips on how to make your pool-time safer: 

  Swim in areas supervised by lifeguards.

  Designate an adult who knows how to swim to watch the water at all times.

• Always swim with a buddy.

• Know before you go — don’t swim in water if you don’t know it is safe.

• Use family rules around water. Kids must ask permission to get in the water or swim. “Mommy are you ready?” Or “1…2…3… jump!”

• Be aware of the too’s: too tired, too cold, too far from safety, too much sun.

• Use adult swims/safety breaks for trips to the bathroom, to get a quick drink of water or a small snack, to apply more sun screen, etc.

• Never leave a child unsupervised. Do not trust a child’s life to another child or to swim aids (floaties).

For those parents who want to leave it up to the professionals, there are some tips on how to pick the right swim lessons program for your child.  Seek a quality swim program that answers all of your questions, provides you with in depth information on the curriculum, and allows you to observe lessons.  Be sure to ask questions about the instructors, their training, and their ability to make connections with your child.  Choosing a program with a low student to teacher ratio, warmer water and concern for water quality will also make your swim lessons experience worthwhile.  Making swimming a consistent part of your child’s weekly schedule will make them life-long, happy swimmers!

For more tips on water safety visit NDPA.org.  SafeSplash Swim School offers year round swim lessons for all ages and abilities.  Please visit www.safesplash.com for more information on our program and our nine Denver area locations.

SafeSplash is a Macaroni Kid Lakewood/Littleton sponsor.

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