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Mess and Stress-Free Picnic Ideas for Memorial Day

May 22, 2014
By: Jamie Clark, MK Roanoke Publisher
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Jamie Clark
I love picnics, I love eating outdoors, and I especially love not having to clean up crumbs in my kitchen. But, taking toddlers and little ones on a picnic, while in theory sounds great, can be a bit of juggling act as you are trying to keep their food from hitting the dirt. Here are some simple solutions to help make your next picnic a little more mess {and stress} free!

Muffin Tin Meal


6 spots for all your kid's favorites. Pictured here: cheese, turkey, goldfish, strawberries, yogurt, and fig newtons. All in an easy-to-hold container your little ones will love eating out of!

Grilled Cheese Kabobs


I used grilled cheese and apples but there are endless possibilities. And, not sure why, but everything is more fun when eaten on a stick, right?

The miracle of cupcake liners and ice-cream cones


Ice-cream cones, and cupcake liners (though not pictured) make the perfect container for your fruit. Plus, they are edible, so no trash to clean up when you're done! 

Bug-free Drinks


Simply place a cupcake liner on top of your drink, insert a straw and poof! No more sneaky bugs flying into your drink!

Any ideas of your own?  We would love to hear!  Share in the comments below.

Happy picnicking, everyone!

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