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Kids Away at Camp = 100 Summer Date Nights

May 29, 2014


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Parents – remember those days before you had a child (or children), when your nights were free to do whatever you pleased? For those who send their kids to sleep-away summer camp, that freedom can return … but often, being out of the I-have-free-time mentality can leave many either scratching their heads or unable to decide what to do. So, it’s time to start planning ahead for when the kids are away and you can hit the town. While going to dinner or a movie are no-brainers, those looking for some different inspiration can get some ideas below:

Stay Class-y: Depending where you live, group yoga classes or jogs set up via social media make exercising a group activity. If you are the type who tends to lose motivation to hit the gym solo, going with your partner (and others) will be added motivation, and you get the added health benefits.

Your Own Personal Book Club: Trade off picking a book either at the library or from a bookstore, and create your own reading sessions and book analysis once you’re done. Try to be a little understanding of your partner’s likes and dislikes when picking your book, but use the opportunity to expand their literary boundaries a bit. If she’s not into war novels, find one that’s known for the story it tells of a family or girl dealing with it. If he’s allergic to romance novels, seek one out with a little edge or written from a man’s perspective.

Classic Movie Night: Even the most well-watched movie fans have at least one movie that’s categorized as legendary or a classic, but they’ve just never gotten around to seeing it. Make a list of, say, three of those you’ve always wanted to see, and alternate your picks each week. You can then have your very own review session afterwards, discussing what you liked and disliked. Break out the Breyers ® Ice Cream, make yourself a sundae, and enjoy!

Spa Night, At Home: Going to a spa for treatments or a massage can be great, but it’s also expensive. There are plenty of ways to bring that relaxing spa vibe to your own bathroom or home – find out how here.

Get Artsy … On a Budget: Museums, theaters and other arts venues tend to have discounted nights or promotions that you can take advantage of for a fraction of the regular price. Check on the websites of your local spots to find information on when those might be, and with the money you save you can go out for an ice cream or drink afterwards.