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Summer Fun!

May 29, 2014
YAY!  The final bell has rung, school is out for summer.  The kids are either sleeping in, or getting up early.  Excited to play in the sunshine!  It won't be long before the novelty wears.   But, let's think positive, and plan to keep them busy all summer long. 

That's what I am here for!  I will search for and post all the fun activities and events around town so you don't have to.  Be sure to bookmark the following links for quick access. 

You'll be able to get them in the car and to the next event before they finish whining, "Mom, I'm bored!"

Sneak peek for next week...a fabulous summer fitness giveaway worth $275 from our new sponsor Fit4Mom.  Stay tuned!

Have a lovely week!