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Announcing! Eggland's Best Recipe Contest

June 5, 2014

Enter your best Eggland’s Best egg recipe now through July 31, 2014

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Do you have a secret pie recipe or a world famous frittata? Now’s your chance to enter it into the Eggland’s Best “Your Best Recipe” contest. Entrants may submit up to 2 recipes in each of the following 4 categories: 

•Main Course

The best part is, one winner will be selected from each category and will be awarded $1,000! There will also be One Grand Prize winner selected among those 4 winners for a prize of $10,000!

We love the new addition to the Eggland’s Best “Your Best Recipe” contest. Now your entry may be eligible for the brand new Kid Friendly Award. If your recipe meets the criteria below, you could win $1,000. A great excuse to get cooking with your kids in the kitchen. To be eligible for the Kid Friendly Award, your recipe must meet the following:

•Recipe must have less than 10 total ingredients.
•There must be no more than seven active steps in the preparation of your recipe (not including steps for oven pre-heating, or baking pan preparation).
•Recipe must have a minimum of three steps in the preparation instructions that can be conducted safely by an unsupervised child between the ages of 4 and 12.
•Total recipe prep time should be less than 15 minutes not including time for ingredients that need to be brought to room temperature, or any time required for pre-cooking or baking).

This year, Eggland’s Best will also be awarding $1,000 to the "Fan Favorite". Each of the top 5 finalist recipes in each category, Breakfast, Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert, will be voted on by the public as their favorite recipe. The recipe that receives the most votes will be declared "Fan Favorite" and receive a $1,000 prize.

All recipes must be original recipes, and include at least 2 whole Eggland's Best eggs. Click here for official rules. 

Happy Cooking!