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June 12, 2014


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Hot summer weather brings different beauty challenges in different parts of the United States. We have solutions, whether you live in the buggy Midwest, the humid South or anywhere in between.

The Problem: Irritated skin
California boasts more swimming pools and hot tubs than any other state. (Texas and Florida come in second and third.) The chlorine and chemicals can be tough on sensitive skin, sometimes causing irritation, and itchy rash or sinus problems. Chlorine can also have damaging effects on your hair as well, leaving your locks and roots dry and brittle.
The Solution:
Rinse off with fresh water immediately after swimming and stick to gentle cleansers, such as Simple® Moisturizing Facial Wash.  For your hair, Suave Professionals® Damage Care Shampoo & Conditioners can help repair damage your hair has taken.

The Problem: Pasty complexion
Washington and Oregon have some of the coolest summers in the country. Think 60 degrees in August—not exactly tanning weather. That leaves many yearning for the golden glow that their coastal counterparts further south tend to enjoy.
The Solution:
A self-tannerlike Suave® Visible Glow Self-Tanning Lotion will do the trick. Apply your favorite bronzer or self-tanner while knowing you’ve established a clean, solid base. Or, instead of a self-tanner, POND’S® Luminous Finish BB+ Cream made with its Tone Perfecting Complex will help conceal any imperfections and dark spots.

The Problem: Super-dry skin
The intense heat and low humidity in desert areas such as Nevada, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico can leave your skin parched, itchy and miserable. In the summer months when the heat is relentless day in and day out, the cumulative effect can be devastating.
The Solution:
Drench your skin with moisture with ease by applying Vaseline® Spray & Go after every shower. For extra protection on your face, Simple® Protecting Light Moisturizer SPF 15 will give you a double-punch of both sunblock and moisturizer without feeling too heavy.


The Problem: Bug bites
Mosquitoes abound in states such as Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. The red, itchy, bumpy bites are annoying, not to mention unattractive. 
The Solution:
Mosquitoes can be attracted to perfume. Consider switching to unscented products.


The Problem: Heat rash
The relentless temperatures and humidity in Louisiana, Florida and Texas can lead to a red, prickly rash that resembles acne.
The Solution:
Keep skin cool, clean and dry whenever possible. If you do get a heat rash, start by washing the affected area with a gentle cleanser. Do your best to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, and wear sunscreen daily.

The Problem: Melting makeup
In steamy New York and Washington, D.C., the oppressive summer humidity can make for a very sweaty walk to the office. By the time you get to work, There’s a good chance you’ll be in need of a make-up touch-up, or even just a good cleansing.
The Solution:
Cool down at your desk with POND’S® Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes, then apply (or reapply) cosmetics as needed.

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