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Macaroni Crafts ~ Duct Tape Soccer Balls

June 19, 2014
By: Julie D. Macaroni Kid Evergreen/Bailey/Conifer and Jamie T. Macaroni Kid Lakewood/Littleton
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Get your feet moving with these hacky sacks, foot balls, soccer balls...or whatever you want to call them!  Make them yourself in no time and then practice your fancy footwork.

What you need:
White and Black Duct Tape
Cutting Board
Metal ruler
Sharp Knife

Step 1 - Cut white tape into small squares.  Do this by putting strips of tape on a plastic cutting board.  You can make a lot of squares at once by using the knife to cut through all the strips on the cutting board at once. 

Step 2 - Put about 1/4 cup of rice in the baggie.  Trim the excess off the bag, twist and use the white tape to secure the end. 

Step 3 - Use white tape to cover entire bag.  Make sure there is no rice showing (you don't want to be vacuming  rice up later!)

Step 4 - Ok, here is the tedious part.  However, a great opportunity for a lesson on pentagons and polygons!  Using strips of black duct tape, cut out several pentagons.  I went to mathisfun.com and used this pentagon below as a template. 

Step 5 - Complete your soccer ball by placing about 6 pentagons on each white ball. 

That's it!
Enjoy your soccer balls!