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What if $21 Could Keep Your Kid Safer?

June 26, 2014


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Quick! Ask your kids what your name is. Did they say “mama”? Do they know your phone number? If 7 out of 10 kids get lost in their lives, chances are that your little one will go missing at some point and they’ll need to know what to do. And honestly, isn’t getting lost the least of our fears around their safety?

You can either spend hours researching all the right ways to go about giving them the talk OR you can turn to the experts at The Mother Company for their award-winning (and totally awesome) The Safety Show (on DVD or Download) and their new companion book A Little Book About Safety to help keep your kid safer. (And it’s 25% off right now, so listen up!)

It takes only 45 minutes of purely awesome entertainment for you're your kids to know the safety basics (and they’ll be so enthralled, they may not even realize they’re learning). In The Safety Show (on DVD or Download) lovable host Ruby helps teach kids important strategies such as memorizing a Safe Adult's phone number, keeping private parts private, and paying attention to your "Uh-Oh" feeling all with gorgeous animated stories, get-up-and-dance music videos and a craft your kids will want to do at home.  The show has gotten the highest ratings on Common Sense Media and praise just about everywhere from parents and press. Check out the show’s trailer and do yourself – and your kids a favor - and put them in front of this this summer, instead of another episode of (you fill in the blank).

The Mother Company’s latest children’s book release: A Little Book About Safety is a sweet story with little Hugo who makes safe choices in the face of new experiences at the community pool. Your kids will relate to Hugo’s experiences and count his safe choices.  This book reinforces the lessons taught in the video but can be used on its own.  Check out what the experts are saying:

“One of the top 5 books in children safety...I’m so glad this book taught [my kids] the importance of keeping themselves safe and how to contact their parents in unwanted (and hopefully avoidable) situations.”

“Start Reading: Kick off a safety talk with the story of Hugo, a sweet 6-year-old Hippo. In the new tale A Little Book About Safety, he shares 10 smart stay-safe tips, like how to be the boss of your own body.”
-Scholastic Parent & Child

In honor of National Safety Month, The Mother Company is offering a special Safety Set discount – get both products for $20.95 (25% off)! This means that for less than the price of a pedicure, you can rest easier knowing your kids have been prepared to stay safe this summer and beyond!