Bring the Beach to You with Sandcastle Art

June 26, 2014
By: Julie Follansbee
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Julie Follansbee
Dreaming of the beach and building sandcastles as a family? Even if you don't live near the beach, you can recreate that beach feeling and the fun of building sandcastles with this project!

What you need:
  • A large flat rock (You could also use a sturdy piece of cardboard or foam board, but we like the rustic look of the rock!)
  • Sand
  • Empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls
  • White craft glue
  • Flags, toothpicks, scrap paper, ribbons, beads, glitter..use your imagination!...for embellishments
  • Scissors
  • Shallow box (You can do this craft right in the sandbox if you have one for a more authentic feel, but if you don't, simply pour some sand into a shallow box.)
What you do:
  1. Carefully cut the rolls to different tower heights.  We used three in the sandcastle pictured.
  2. Cut notches to make turrets in the top of each roll
  3. Cut slits about 3/4 of an inch deep in the bottom of each roll, about seven in all. These will become the "feet" to glue to your rock. 
  4. Draw windows or doors, being careful not to go below the bottom slits
  5. Apply glue to the entire roll, everywhere except to windows and doors
  6. Now roll it in the sand…for some added "bling," sprinkle some glitter in the sand!
  7. Fold the slits toward the outside on the bottom (so they look like above photo)
  8. Apply glue to bottom and affix to rock
  9. Spread lots of glue around the base of your castle and pour sand on it
  10. Finish by embellishing your castle with flags, ribbon, beads, etc. 
Ahhh! Can't you feel the ocean breeze and hear the seagulls now?