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Macaroni Craft: Create A Summer Bucket List

June 26, 2014

Macaroni Fun

By: Angie McAfee, publisher Macaroni Kid West Chester
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Angie McAfee
Ever have a summer that flew by so fast you forgot to have all the fun you've been waiting for the whole school year? Make sure that doesn't happen again by creating an easy "Summer Bucket List" with your family. 

All you need is a bucket or sand pail, some clothes pins, a thin marker, and your favorite summer fun ideas! Ask your kids what they would like to do for the summer (set location and financial parameters if necessary... mine immediately asked to go to Hawaii!), label each clothes pin with one activity, and clip the pins all around the bucket. Include some of the unique local events that you don't want to miss. Once you've checked something off your list, simply drop the appropriate clothespin in the bucket. Your kids will love watching your bucket fill up!

Here's some ideas for your Summer Bucket List:

Drive in movie 
Go to the beach
Go for a family hike
Try geocaching
Camp out in back yard
Camping (anywhere)
Family game night
Playground week (different playground every day)
Run a family 5K
Go to the zoo
Write a story book
Visit an amusement park
Volunteer (we picked vegetables at a local farm for the food bank, even the 3 yr old could help)
Friend sleepover
Mini kid-vacation at Grandma's house (YES!!!)
Lemonade stand
Surprise a neighbor with cookies
Go fishing
Zip lining
Bedroom makeover
Build a fort
Have a pool party
Go horseback riding
Have a sidewalk chalk art contest
Fly kites
Roller skating
Have a picnic
Bury a time capsule
Plant a vegetable garden
Watch a sunrise/sunset
Go on a factory tour
Make a bird feeder
Start a summer journal
Canoeing/boating/white-water rafting
Make a bird feeder
Catch lightning bugs
PJ day (or two)

Tell us what's on your summer bucket list!

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