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Enjoy Outdoor Baby Bonding with Coppertone®

July 3, 2014


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The weather’s finally warm and the spring showers have passed—it’s the perfect time to head outside for some summer fun with your family. Just be sure to help protect their skin from the sun’s rays. Get into a routine of applying and reapplying Coppertone® sunscreen to both yourself and your child (6 months or older) before you leave the house, to help you enjoy these summer activities. If your child is younger than six months, please check with your pediatrician first. Also don’t forget to bring a sunhat, umbrella and sunglasses for added protection for your family.

Make a splash. To cool down close to home, turn on the sprinkler or fill up a shallow kiddie pool in your yard. Coppertone® WaterBABIES® and Coppertone® KIDS sunscreens offer water resistant protection (80 minutes) so you can enjoy time spent in and around the water. Be sure to reapply after swimming, sweating, or toweling dry.

Get back to nature. Put your child in a sling or carrier and take a nature walk together. Point out everything you see—trees, birds, flowers, grass. Your child might not be able to repeat your words yet, but he’s absorbing everything you say. Help engage his senses by encouraging him to smell the daffodils, feel the tree bark, and listen for bird calls. Coppertone® KIDS Tear Free and Coppertone® WaterBABIES® Pure & Simple sunscreens are gentle and tear-free, so they won’t irritate sensitive eyes or sting skin as you go exploring.

Pack a basket. Toss a large sheet or blanket—or a hand-me-down activity mat that you don’t mind getting a little dirty—and head to your local park for a mini picnic. Take some snacks and lightweight toys or books in your diaper bag, and move your usual indoor baby bonding outside. The park is also a great place for tummy time—just be sure to bring wipes for dirty hands, and a cute sunhat to shield that baby face.

Go wild. Help your little one learn about animals with a trip to your local zoo or farm. What better way to learn that a lion says “roar” and a cow says “moo” than seeing them in action? Pop the Coppertone® WaterBABIES® Pure and Simple 2 oz. size in your diaper bag for reapplication during the day.

Do some digging. The beach or sandbox is the perfect place for your baby to experiment and play. She can feel the sand fall through her fingers, fill up and dump out buckets, and discover what happens when she mixes sand with water. Set up an umbrella to provide a shady play space.

Be bubbly. Babies love bubbles, so pick up a small bottle of bubble solution and blow them into the wind. He may end up with soapy fingers from trying to pop them or he might just be entertained watching them float up in the air.

No matter what outdoor fun you plan with your little one, applying Coppertone®WaterBABIES® sunscreen before you head out the door will help protect your baby’s delicate skin. Then you can relax and enjoy your summer with your happy baby!