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Go Summer Exploring with Homemade Binoculars!

July 10, 2014
By: Melissa Hucal
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Melissa Hucal
There's still lots of summer to explore! It may be in your backyard, at a local park or at an farther away vacation destination. Get your kids into "explorer mode" by crafting up a set of homemade binoculars.

Here's what you will need:
  • 2 empty toilet paper rolls for each set of binoculars
  • Colored paper and/or paint and/or decorative tape
  • Ribbon or string
  • Stapler, glue and scissors
Here's what you will do:
  1. Decorate each of the toilet paper rolls individually. You can either wrap each one in colored paper/tape or paint (If you use paint, you'll need to allow a little more time for completing this project as you'll need time for the paint to dry). Use one color/design for the main portion of the roll and a contrasting color for the ends (approx. 1/2-1 inch).
  2. Cut a piece of paper just shy of the full height of the toilet paper rolls and long enough to wrap around both rolls lengthwise.
  3. Wrap the paper around both rolls and secure with glue and/or staples.
  4. Cut a piece of ribbon or string for the "strap." Ours were approx. 1 yard long (36 inches). You can adjust the length based on the size of your child. It will need to fit over his/her head and still allow the binoculars to hang.
  5. Attach the string to outside of each of the rolls. We found that staples worked best here. Cover up any exposed staples on the inside of the rolls with decorative tape.
Now head out exploring and see what you discover!