Teaching Kids the Importance of Volunteering

July 17, 2014


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Giving back is one of the greatest gifts a person can experience, seeing first-hand how your time, expertise or effort can help make the lives of others better. Instilling that knowledge in children at an early age is a great way not just to add to the charity and volunteerism numbers, but it will also have a major impact on their own lives as well.

For children and teenagers, self-esteem can be everything. The experience of volunteering – whether it’s helping out at a soup kitchen, donating time as a camp counselor or school aid or getting involved in a global organization – helps add a dimension of focus and pride within. It’s this mentality that we try to promote on Unilever Project Sunlight.

"It can sound cliché, but it’s true… Everyone wants to make a difference," Craig Kielburger, co-founder of Free the Children recently said in an interview. In another interview, he continued that philosophy, saying: "Our bet that we're making is that if you give kids the inspiration and the tools to change the world, it will change their own lives also in the process."

That self-satisfaction was evident on the faces of the thousands of children we encountered at We Day California through our partnership with Free the Children, where admission was gained by doing good on the community and global level. To honor and reward their passion, the Unilever Bright Future Grants were announced at the event, where Angela Chuang was given the inaugural award and 10 other students from around the country were able to enter thereafter.

For kids and especially teenagers on summer break, volunteering will not only help keep them occupied, but it can also help them build life skills and expand their horizons. If they become emotionally invested in a cause they support, they’ll be more excited to return each day.

Get your kids involved in their communities this summer, and learn more about Free the Children here.

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