Work At Home Series: Start Up Costs are Not Scary

August 21, 2014


By: Jamie Twarogowski for Berry Bitty Boutique Jamberry Nails
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Once you have decided that you would like to become an independent consultant, you should treat it no differently than if you were starting your own business.  I have heard skeptics caution against direct sales because of the initial investment, but it is important to remember that those people are typically unfamiliar with how direct selling works. As with any business venture there will be start-up costs, but luckily one of the great perks of direct sales is that these costs are low.  Many opportunities allow you to start your business for just $100 to $200.  You invest a small amount into the company, and they provide you with the tools you need to succeed.  You will want to consult with the each business you are interested in to find out exactly what is included in your joining fee, but it may include: business cards, products to use for demonstrations, catalogs, promotional materials, and access to senior consultants to provide mentoring. 

At times you may find limited time offers that include joining incentives.  These offers may lower the joining fees, offer you more product or tools for your business or both.  It is often a great time to get involved in a company that you were already thinking of joining anyway!

Jamberry Nails is the perfect example of one those companies offering an incentive.  Start your business for just $99 (USD) plus shipping and handling and Jamberry Nails will send you a starter kit with all of the materials you will need to run your own Jamberry Nails business.  The incentive ~ You can receive a $50 rebate of your joining fee just for reaching your first month Fast Start Rewards.  Contact Kristin Swartz for more information on the incentive and the Fast Start Program.*YKTcAVTUFOw9ebOOr527OZSN1uei89dDyuqsx3Qh-ptYdkUrSx-Z8QuDDV4VWMWf0g36XMpYYYRZjjqaCLyPwnZSBwr/Augustkit.jpg

Here is what you get for your joining fee when joining Jamberry Nails!

50 Catalogs
25 Brochures
100 Order Forms
Rubber Cuticle Pusher
50 Orange Sticks
5 Nail Files
Mini Heater
Alcohol Wipes
Consultant Guide
3 Buffers
3 Sets of Scissors
50 Sample Cards
1 Sheet of Jamberry Nails
Credit to Order 3 Sheets of Nails of Your Choosing
3 Months of Use on Your Personal Website

Not only will you receive your kit, but you get support from a team of ladies that will assist you through the process.  They want to see you succeed and are here to help you in anything you may need.  Call on Kristin Swartz and set up a meeting, she will be more than happy to tell you about how much fun she has been having with Jamberry Nails. 

Need more information on joining Jamberry Nails, or to purchase visit

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