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Macaroni Tip: Sorting Through All The Papers

August 28, 2014
By: #BarbaraReich #ContainerStore
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Last year it seemed as if the stacks of papers that come home from school were too overwhelming and everywhere!  I attended a book release  for "The Secrets of An Organized Mom", some time ago and I still dream of what it would be like to be as organized as Barbara Reich, ahhhh wouldn't that be lovely!  Of course the event was held at the Container Store and we were given a lovely gift bag which included a blue document box, as well as a copy of the Secrets of an Organized Mom.  I will admit until now I had no clue what to do with said box, and the book may or may not have been collecting a bit of dust.  As I began prepping and organizing for JD's new school year a light bulb went off, to whip out the book and get to work.  I am using the box for his school stuff, a place to house his current assignments, important information, and homework necessities.

We used the bigger of the Classic Stockholm office Storage boxes and they are on sale now for $9.99 at the Container Store.

JD came home last year with 4-5 pages of paperwork some days, and most were just for reference.  In the form of calendars, newsletter, schedules, plant sales, bakes sales, etc, but so much of the paperwork that required us to actually take action upon were being missed.  This then led to more paperwork as I was being scolded for not returning the original paperwork!  UGH!!! 

Ready to ooohhh and aaaahhhhh.....?

The coveted Homework box!  Included are his favorite colored pencils, his must have Lego Chima notebook, Crayola Extreme Markers crayons, pencils etc. Literally, everything he needs in one box to complete his basic homework assignment.  For us adults, two folders, which will help us tremendously for those late nights, or when one of us is away.  One folder is labeled Take Action, and the other is FYI, for those informational letters that come home.  We are looking forward to staying informed, and smooth afterschool homework tasks.

Yeah right, a mom can dream! 

Let us know if this has given you any ideas, or has helped you prep for the new school year, we love your feedback.

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