Send A Handmade Snowman Greeting Card

By Laura Miller December 23, 2014
Your kids can create a personal thank you note for holiday gifts with these handmade snowman greeting cards!

What you need for one card:
  • 1 piece of white card stock, cut in half and folded from the top to create a card
  • 1 black square approx. the same width of the folded card stock
  • 1 black strip slightly wider than the black square
  • 1 small orange triangle for nose
  • 2 small black circles for eyes (use a hole punch for perfect circles)
  • Additional black circles or stickers for mouth and buttons 
  • Pen/marker for drawing features if paper or stickers aren't used
  • 1 pipe cleaner that is long enough to wrap around the folded card stock and leave ends like a scarf
  • Sticker, button or other embellishment for the hat
  • Glue stick
What you do:
  1. Use the photo above as a guide or encourage your kids to use their imaginations to create a snowman face on the front of the card. Make sure they understand that they should glue the parts to the front of the card only and not glue the card shut.
  2. Write your sentiment inside.
  3. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the card, bringing the ends to the front, then twist to close.