We're Gonna Paint Some More...Yep, We're Gonna Paint Some More!

Family Art Night Fun!

By Jamie Twarogowski, Macaroni Kid Lakewood & Littleton, CO Publisher September 24, 2015
Family Fun Nights...we are all in! Family Movie Night, Family Game Night, even Family Science Night...we love them all. So when my daughter came home from school talking about one of our favorite books they read that day, I Ain't Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont. A book about a boy that just couldn't stop painting and painted everything in sight, including himself. A beautiful story about creativity and self expression. I was immediately inspired.

We got out our paints, some paper and a timer and created ourselves a Family Art Night!

To have your own Family Art Night, here's what you will need.

A set of art supplies for each person participating

Rules: When the timer stops, you exchange your project to the next person. Each person creates whatever inspires them during the allotted time.*zkRjBIhL0oc3vs6jYLh7oCxK1t0o-swDQ2waReBf9U-2LQx9l6tV5Z8Gi0ZQQoCzBxFRhnNZ15Nz/FamilyArtNight2.jpg*dVjxY6/FamilyArtNight3.jpg

When the timer stops, you exchange again. Exchanging as many times as you see fit to complete your projects. Be sure to set the timer for what best suits your family and age groups you are working with. (We used 2 minutes, as the attention span of a 4 year old seems to do well with shorter time limits.)

We exchanged our projects nine times, until we ended up with our own again and could make any finishing touches we felt were necessary and to sign our names. The whole process took no more than 30 minutes, and we had a blast.*OWqNpH25y0QS0ztXx-2RiRJCl1cymjPZQy6hk-KaF7BPQHIeSz-0mQwLSAMEcB9/FamilyArtNight4.jpg
And look at our masterpieces! Good enough to be framed, don't you think!

Next time we might try a different medium, possibly crayons or markers...maybe even clay!