Macaroni Eats: Caramel & Candy Apple Cider

Classic Recipes Made YUMMIER!

By Jamie Twarogowski, Macaroni Kid Lakewood & Littleton, CO Publisher October 1, 2015
We love hot spiced cider around here. I love to have it stewing on the stove-top all season long. Tastes so good, warms the soul and makes the house smell dreamy.

Here's a recipe with a two additions to make the classic extra special.

Apple Cider
2-3 Cinnamon Sticks
whole cloves
Optional spices: Allspice, nutmeg, pinch of cayenne pepper.*ga*tWuXhwbcwf2N7Bh0y1haMzwY-BCTNNRrOlqA5nhUu345qF684rcmmLMp0eAL-5BBo4ZT/Spices.jpg
Candy additions:
 -Red Hots for Candy Apple Cider
 -Caramels for Caramel Apple Cider*CjCpNXQ9ssZZG52fv9syUmBBchGay4H3L-5ZWxPvvR3ahmF6-T6O6luueGixWqRffrwln2QdE/Caramels.jpg

1. Pour about 1/2 gallon of cider in a sauce pan. Add cinnamon sticks, 6-10 whole cloves, 1/4 tsp each of nutmeg and allspice and a pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)...just for a bit of kick. Heat on medium/low until mixture begins to simmer.

2. For Candy Apple Cider, place a few cinnamon candies in the bottom of a mug. Pour the hot cider on top. Stir and enjoy!

3. For the Caramel Apple Cider, first cut the caramels into smaller squares then place them into the bottom of a mug. Pour the hot cider on top. Stir and enjoy!

4. Add more cider to the pot, a few additional spices if necessary and keep the stove on low. This will keep your home apple-amazing all day long!