Have You Been Boo~ed this Halloween?

Boo! Someone this Halloween!

By Erin Stolle October 15, 2015

Last year was my first October in Georgia, and I was still growing accustomed to the traditions of the South....the warmer weather, the SEC mania, the grits (okay, I'm still not used to those!).  So imagine my surprise when my doorbell rang around 9 pm one night, and when I opened my door, all I found was a goodie bag filled with treats and a sign that said "You've Been Boo'ed!"  I've been what?

I quickly learned that this fun tradition was a popular activity throughout our area the whole month of October, so our family set out to "Boo" a couple of our neighbors.  My son who was 4 at the time absolutely loved picking out the goodies to go in our boo bags, and especially the hiding that took place once we left our "Boos" on our neighbor's front porch! 

Do you want to start this tradition in your neighborhood?  Just follow these simple instructions and you'll be boo'ing with the best of them!

1.  Put together two Halloween baskets or gift bags with fun treats.  You can include sweet treats and/or Halloween-themed decorations and favors.  Just think about the ages of the families you'll be boo'ing and have fun putting together something that will be enjoyed by everyone.

2.  On the outside of the basket or bag, print or write out the following poem.  You can use colored paper or fit the poem on a colorful piece of Halloween stationery.  (Note: this is the poem we have received, but you can find variations online if you search "Getting Boo'ed.")

(Click on the photo above to print) 

3.  Include in the bag/basket a sign that says "Boo!"  Make this sign on a cut-out of a ghost to make it extra festive Feel free to use the image associated with this article!

4.  Also include an instruction sheet with the following:

  1. Place your "Boo!" sign in a visible spot (by your front door or window).
  2. Within two days, create two "boo" bags including treats, signs, and instructions and secretly deliver one each to two neighbors. 
  3. Make sure you only give a bag to those who have not yet been "boo'ed."
  4. Watch the "Boo's" spread!

5.  Pick two friends/neighbors and secretly drop your "boo" on their front step!  Don't let them see you!

Now get out there and "BOO!"