No Snow Outside? Make Snowman Cupcakes Inside!

By Heather Wirtz January 21, 2016
Winter is not complete until you make at least one snowman... but I am not a fan of the cold, so I created one that is easy to make and won't melt indoors! This is a fun, edible craft kiddos will enjoy helping to create and of course, snack on after!

Snowman parts:

24 cupcakes
24 marshmallows
48 mini chocolate chips 
1/4 cup chocolate chips
24 chocolate kisses, unwrapped (we used candy cane kisses)
48 pretzel sticks
3 or 4 cups white icing 
1/4 cup orange icing
piping bags 
small round tip
medium round tip

How to build a snowman:
  1. Place 1/4 cups chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat in microwave on 50% power until melted - stir every 30-60 seconds. The melted chocolate will be used as "glue" for the mini chocolate chip eyes.
  2. Line cookie sheet with foil. Start with one marshmallow and 2 mini chocolate chips - dip the flat side of a mini chocolate chip into the melted chocolate and stick onto the marshmallow about 1/4 of the way from the top and do the same with the second mini chocolate chip to create eyes. Lay marshmallow flat on cookie sheet to dry. Repeat this process with all 24 marshmallows. 
  3. Once eyes are dry, place orange icing onto a piping bag with a small round tip. Use orange icing to make a "carrot nose" on each marshmallow just under the eyes - to create the carrot effect, squeeze the piping bag while slowly pulling your hand away from the marshmallow. 
  4. Place white icing in a piping bag with medium tip. Pipe icing onto cupcake using a circular motion starting from the outside edge of the cupcake going towards the middle. Repeat this for 3 cupcakes and then place one marshmallow in the center of the icing of each cupcakeyou want to do this before the icing sets. Repeat with the remainder of the cupcakes.
  5. Using white icing with medium tip, pipe a small round circle on the top edge of the marshmallow, place one chocolate kiss on the top of the marshmallow and press gently.
  6. Finally, it is time to give the snowman arms! Place one pretzel stick on each side of the marshmallow and your snowman is complete! 
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