Give Bakery Because!...To a TIE-riffic Dad!

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By Christen Reiner, Macaroni Kid Lakewood-Littleton Publisher June 13, 2017

It doesn’t have to be a special holiday or occasion to give a beautiful, personalized gift, but Father’s Day is the PERFECT opportunity to do just that!


Using bakery treats from your local bakery department is such a huge time-saver --- no prepping, baking, or clean up involved! Your only job is to build creative packaging for the treat, and that’s the fun part!


We invited a few of our closest friends (of all ages!) to our house to make a delicious and fun gift for our dads. You might think I had to spend hours (and big bucks!) to prep...but you’d be wrong! Easiest project ever for literally ANY age...but sssshhhh! The dads will never know!


Supplies for each gift:

  • Paper bag

  • Fun paper cut into the shape of a tie (see template) - I used scrapbook paper

  • Clothes pin

  • “Tag” - purchase precut or cut your own!

  • “To a TIE-riffic Dad” labels - optional

  • Glue stick

  • Markers

  • Baked goods from the bakery department at your local store - you can grab these while you’re already there doing your shopping!



1) Glue the tie on the paper bag, about a third of the way down from the top.

2) Open the bag, and place your baked goods inside the bag. (We used fancy cookies, and put them in a zipper bag.)

3) Using the preprinted “To a TIE-riffic Dad” label, or by writing their own, kids can prepare the tag for the gift.

4) Fold the bag over, so the fold matches up with the top of the tie. Clip the fold with the clothespin, inserting the tag in it as you clip!

5) Voila! The perfect (easy) gift for the perfect dad!


    The kids loved picking out the cookies and ties their dad would enjoy, and could not stop talking about how much fun they had! They were super excited to give the TIE-riffic Dad bags to their dads for Father’s Day. (I can’t guarantee that they didn’t go home and give them to their dads right away! LOL!)


    Now that I know how easy it is to create gifts (with my kids!) with a personal touch using bakery items, I plan to give recognition to the people in our life that make a difference throughout the year (think dog walker, bus driver, teacher,  neighbor, etc.)! I love projects that kids can help with, without major prepping, and especially without tears!


    A few ideas I’ve put on my TO DO LIST for the next couple months:


    • Grandpa’s Secret ‘Stache 
    • Awesome Neighbor - Hands Down! 👐
    • Always BEE Amazing - for my kids on the first day of school! 🐝