Homework Time Door Hanger

By Katie Fisher, Publisher-Bowie Macaroni Kid August 3, 2017
Now that school has started, homework has more than likely followed! And of course, our kiddos will want to play with the neighborhood kids. But ... little knocks at the door asking if your kids can come out to play can be stressful when they are trying to concentrate on their homework. To save your kids from the distractions, make one of these door hangers with them! When it's homework time, hang it on the door. Once finished, take it off and get outside to PLAY!

Items Needed: 
4 large craft sticks
Black card stock, construction paper, or foam
Pink/Tan/White card stock, construction paper or foam (tan looks best, but we were out)
Yellow marker, crayon or paint
Black marker (permanent. with assistance)

1. Place the 4 craft sticks side by side. Use the width of the four sticks combined as a guide to cut a triangle from the pink/tan/white card stock or foam.
2. Tape or glue the four craft sticks together (use multiple pieces of tape to ensure it's secure). Then tape/glue the triangle piece to the back of one end of the craft stick "pencil". Flip over and you will see a pencil shape.
3. Cut a small triangle out of the black card stock/foam and attach to the top of the triangle as the pencil lead.
4. Attach the string to the back of the "pencil" in a loop for hanging.
5. Color/paint your craft sticks yellow. 
6. Add a message on the craft sticks using the marker (Sharpie, with assistance).