A Note From Your Publisher!

By Christen Reiner, Macaroni Kid Lakewood-Littleton Editor and Publisher August 11, 2017

Happy August!

This is such a busy time of year...wrapping up summer activities, and getting ready for school takes over the relaxed, low key atmosphere of summer. What did you do this summer that you absolutely loved? I'd love to hear your stories! I took my two older kiddos to New York City for the day while we were back East (did you know that I'm from New York?), and we had a blast!  

In between trying to squeeze in the last of the summer fun activities with my family, I've been busy putting together our Best Back to School Guide Ever! I love a good theme (who doesn't???), and this has been a fun one to work on. Be sure to check it out frequently...I am adding new things every day, and there are lots of exclusive offers just for you, our loyal Macaroni Moms and Dads!

If you know of a photographer, business, or fall class that you think should be included in the Best Back to School Guide Ever, please email me! I'm also looking for easy after school snack recipes, tried and true websites for kids, and fun things for Parents Only...they deserve a break (and some fun!) now that the kids are heading back to school! 

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Peace, Love & Macaroni,