Thumbody Loves You! Adorable and Easy Grandparents Day Craft 👴👵

By Mary Monahan, Macaroni Kid Lincoln September 8, 2017

Do your kids have awesome grandparents in their lives? Grandparents Day is right around the corner, and it is always nice to give them the recognition they deserve! 

How adorable is this? It is really easy to make too!

What you need:

Stamp Pad

1. Have your children press their thumbs onto the stamp pad.

2. Stamp the paper with their thumbs (try to put the thumb prints in a row).

3. Draw arms, legs and faces on the thumbs.

4. Write "Thumbody Loves You" above the thumb prints.

5. You're done!

We used scrapbooking paper remnants for the thumbs and then glued that paper onto construction paper. On the inside of the card I wrote, "Happy Grandparents Day!"