Win Four Combo Passes to Denver Museum of Nature & Science

See two incredible temporary exhibitions – Nature's Amazing Machines and Ultimate Dinosaurs!

December 1, 2017

Ignite your child's passion for nature and science when you visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Open seven days a week year-round (except for Christmas Day), the Museum is your family's destination for exciting indoor play in a fun, creative, and educational atmosphere! For a limited time, you can enjoy two extraordinary temporary exhibitions included with your general admission.

Nature's Amazing Machines​

Now through January 1, 2018
Imagine if you could swim 60 miles an hour, your punch could break through aquarium glass, or your ears could act as air conditioners. From the inside out, every living thing is a machine built to move and survive. Nature’s Amazing Machines are here in Denver and the whole family can discover the marvels of natural engineering.

  • ​Try pumping “blood” from the heart of a life-size giraffe model all the way up to its brain.
  • Learn to “fly” using two different types of wings.
  • Explore the mechanics of cheetahs and what makes them the world’s fastest land mammal.
  • Try activities to feel the intense grip of a chimpanzee and the strength of a harpy eagle.
  • Discover the stories behind breakthroughs in biomimicry — such as Velcro, wind turbines, and chainsaws — inspired by nature’s ingenuity.
  • Compare and touch life-like models of animal hearts, including those of a fish, frog, turtle, eagle, and human.
  • See an array of diverse rigid structures (such as bones and shells) that demonstrate how the dome shape provides ideal protection.

Ultimate Dinosaurs

Now through January 15, 2018
Meet T. rex’s biggest, baddest, newest members of the family! Ultimate Dinosaurs goes beyond familiar dinosaurs to showcase some of the most spectacular fossils unearthed in recent years. Evolving in isolation, the discoveries from Africa, South America and Madagascar are among the strangest creatures you have ever met.

  • ​Go back to prehistoric time through stunning video projection and life-size murals.
  • See 17 fully articulated skeletons and dozens of fossils and casts, including dinosaurs discovered by scientists from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.
  • Examine the skeleton of Carnotaurus, laying skin over bones to see what it looked like in real life.
  • Try out fossil preparation techniques on fossil casts and explore with some tools of the trade.
  • Visit stations with projection microscopes, touchable specimens, puzzles, games, and more.
  • Watch a 3D printer in action creating models of real fossils.

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