Your Macaroni Kid Mother's Day Guide 🌷🌷🌷

By Christen Reiner, Macaroni Kid Lakewood-Littleton & Macaroni Kid Denver Editor and Publisher April 30, 2021


We hope all the moms out there in Macaroni Land are ridiculously spoiled next weekend! 

Mother's Day might still look a little bit different this year, but there's no reason us moms can't be pampered.

Moms are extra special and they deserve to be celebrated! Whether you ARE the mom, or love an amazing mom, these awesome Mother's Day gems from Macaroni Kid Lakewood-Littleton will help you Celebrate Mom this Mother's Day!

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Escort your child(ren) outside at least once per day without tech (if possible) -- your spouse will thank you and it will save your marriage.

🌷 Jim R.

Make your kids "nap" every afternoon and when they drop their actual sleeping, continue to make them go in their room for at least 30 minutes every afternoon to quietly play. My girls both go in their rooms on their own now for about an hour every afternoon when we are home (even weekends). It gives all of us a tiny bit of downtime every single day.

🌷 Jen H.

When my youngest was a toddler, got his head stuck in the wooden railing of the stairs & I had to call 911 to get him out... the firemen produced a screw driver & popped off the screw covers (who knew that’s what those little buttons were?!?!) and unscrewed the railing to get him out! He happily waived at them, fireman sticker in hand, as they left! Lol - mom fail πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

🌷 Joanie V.

I told my daughter she couldn't just eat Nutella without anything else. She walked out of the kitchen with a bowl full of Nutella and a spoon.

🌷 Shelley H.

How about to remember to actually bring your baby to their doctor appointment and not leave them in their carrier on the coffee table....

🌷 Heather B.

Discussing the sex ed unit in Red Robin might not be the best... πŸ˜‚

5th grade sex ed is something else. when i went to the parent meeting and read through what is taught, what is not taught, I realized there were gonna be gaps to be discussed.
So... my kids and I went to RL for dinner. We were discussing school days, what happened, what was learned, etc. Jay said he finished the unit on sex ed, so we discussed what he had learned. I asked if they had talked about condoms? No, no they had not. Now, this part of the convo, all normal levels, nothing really racy or anything.
When I got done explaining condoms I asked him if he understood WHY that would work to prevent both pregnancy and STDs and he was quiet and thoughtful for a moment. His eyes lit up when he DID grasp it...
MOM!!! (no longer normal volume. excitable kid just grasped a concept, filter now broken) CONDOMS WORK BECAUSE...
The old couple sitting directly behind my sons were NOT amused.. but the shock on their faces... priceless.
I was NOT able to restrain my laughter btw.

🌷 Billie L.

I don't think you want to write about how I just walked in on a kid enjoying um... private time. Sooooo, knock first? 

🌷 Emily W.

Pet covers for backseat in the car. They are usually waterproof and relatively cheap, like 13 dollars at Wal-Mart. This has SAVED my car interior more than once. Super easy to put on and will save worried about spilled drinks, bodily fluids, etc. Love mine. 

🌷 Lisa K.

About a month ago, my husband and I were working with our daughter, Molly, about stranger danger and who safe/unsafe strangers are.  One day, while walking through our local King Soopers & past the bakery, Molly said with excitement "mom, those people are safe strangers!" (pointing to the bakers behind the counter).  I asked her why she thought they were safe and her response was "because they makin' cupcakes!".  I couldn't help but chuckle & appreciate her sweet, innocent logic :)  Bakers ARE good people after all!!

🌷 Melissa H.

Today as I was talking with Camden about his Papa’s Upcoming Birthday. We were talking about how old he would be turning. After doing the maybe we decided on 62. Then I asked how old he thought I was. He looked me up and down, and with some serious thought, he says 95! Lol!!

🌷 Lindsay B.