A Note From Your Publisher: The one about middle school 📝

By Christen Reiner, Macaroni Kid Lakewood-Littleton & Macaroni Kid Denver Editor and Publisher May 21, 2021

Hey Mac Families,

Middle school, here we come!

We celebrated the last day of elementary school for my son today with an unconventional Continuation. Due to COVID restrictions, we couldn't gather for the traditional ceremony.

You know what? I think I just might have liked it even more. 

We got to hit the road, so to speak, with our kiddos, stopping around the outside of the school to collect artifacts from their school year from multiple stations. The event culminated with a photo op for families and certificates from their teachers. It was well executed and a ton of fun. I am so grateful for creative teachers.

But.... middle school. 

Elementary to middle school is a big jump and it's kinda scary. We've all heard the horror stories about the mean kids. The work gets harder and they have six or more classes to keep up with. Gone are the days of recess and daily specials like PE, Art, and Music. Kids now have to choose which electives they will take, while forgoing all the rest. YIKES.

Is my kid ready?

Am I ready?

I have already had two kids go through middle school, and as scary as it was, they both really enjoyed the newfound freedom and new type of schedule. Sure, there were difficult times, both with peers and with schoolwork. There were times when I wished we could go back to the innocence of elementary school. But overall, it was a good (and necessary) stepping stone on the journey to high school.

Oh bleep.... high school. 

Don't remind me!

Peace ☮️, Love ❤️, & Macaroni 🌼,