A Note From Your Publisher: The one about finding your group 📝

By Christen Reiner, Macaroni Kid Lakewood-Littleton & Macaroni Kid Denver Editor and Publisher August 21, 2021

Hey Mac Families!

A funny thing happened in my Grown and Flown Facebook group today.

Someone posted a photo of their son and his dog, and asked if anyone could remove the background. There were piles of laundry around the room, the TV was on, and the background was distracting. I edit photos all the time as a publisher. I fixed up her photo and posted it in the comments.... it took me no more than 5-10 minutes to do.

My edited photo currently has 418 reactions, and more people than I can count complimented my work in the comments. I even helped out a few other moms who had photos they needed edited.

So, why am I telling you this?

Well, first of all, the interactions with the parents in this Facebook group -- all strangers who just happen to have kids who have or about to leave the nest -- made my day.

It felt good to help someone who simply needed a favor, without expecting anything in return. I had the skills, so I helped out.

I wasn't the only one who gave it a go. In fact, there were probably 20 other group members who posted edited versions. There are kind and generous people in the world. It was awesome to witness.

There are over 200,000 members of the Grown and Flown Parents group who are all in the same boat as me. I have learned so much from other posters and their comments... many things that I didn't even know that I wanted to learn. Have a question? Need an opinion? Ask the GandF family, and you'll easily get 500+ answers. 

You may not have a kiddo who is ready to leave the nest, so Grown and Flown might not be the group for you. But there are about a billion groups on Facebook, and I know you can find one that is the right fit. Or maybe there is a neighborhood page out there. Or maybe there's an in-person group of people who you identify with.

It doesn't matter where you find it, it just matters that you find it! Having people, strangers or not, that you can connect with, is HUGE for humans, especially these days when connections are harder to make. So, go out there and join a few groups. Find one that works for you. 

You'll be glad that you did.

Peace ☮️, Love ❤️, & Macaroni 🌼,