The Generation Wild Fort Has Arrived at Sterne Park in Littleton

September 24, 2021

Generation Wild, a movement created by Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO), has set up a fort in Littleton for children to play in as part of their "Just 20 Minutes Outside" campaign. 

The free-standing fort is 22 feet long, 13 feet wide and over 18 feet tall. The Generation Wild Fort inspires kids to spend time outside by traveling to different parks in the state of Colorado – and Littleton is the second stop on the tour! Kids can use their imagination with the fort playing games and playing with the ribbons. 

The Generation Wild fort will be set up at Sterne Park for enjoying through October, 2021. Generation Wild's campaign is geared towards improving children's mental health. Find out more about Generation Wild's mission here!

Check out Generation Wild's downloadable, printable and trackable list that provides parents with 20 ideas to spark creativity outside without driving far or spending money. 

Sterne Park

5800 South Spotswood Street

Littleton, Colorado 80128