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My name is Maria Fraietta and I am an entrepreneur living in Littleton, Colorado. I’ve created a unique product I’d love to share with you: The Nokbox.

My dad passed away last year, and what I didn't expect was how hard it was to go through all of his stuff to close his accounts, manage his home & vehicles, and go through probate. I didn't even really know what probate was (but I did learn that your estate often goes through one, even when you have a will). No matter what (even if you have a trust), someone has to manage all of your things and accounts when you die, and that's difficult when you are grieving.

After I returned home, I realized that everyone needs a product like this. I’m a single mom, and if something happened to me, it would be really hard for someone to figure out and manage my life – they would be on a scavenger hunt! So I made a box for myself, and then kept going. I am a teacher and a real estate agent, so this new “side hustle” seemed crazy… but I had to do it. 

So, I researched and created a system to make this whole thing less of a mystery. It allows us to organize our own lives so that it's not such a burden on our next of kin, whenever the time may be. I wrote 132 pages of information on what to GATHER (for you) and what to DO WITH IT (for your next of kin). But, it's not in a book you’ll probably never read... each copyrighted page goes into a folder, so it's easy and kind of fun to fill up -- you just toss in your statements or jot some notes down, and you're done. There is a key system with complete step by step instructions on how to sort out all of your keys, and a zippered pouch for your documents (birth certificates, etc.) that should go into a safe.

The box covers bank & investment accounts and insurance policies, but it also covers little details people need, like where to find the key to your storage shed, where your pet's vet is, what to do with your childhood photos, or which neighbor has a key to your house. Everything in your life is covered, seriously. You'll never need another organizational system -- I filled up my box, and I pretty much got rid of all of my other files. It's all in there. It’s also the first thing you can grab in case of emergency.

The product is called the Nokbox (Next of Kin box, get it?!). My friends are calling it the "death box," but hey, whatever works. Anyway, we ALL need one, no matter what our age.  

It's the best thing you can get for your NOK (if you like them, anyway!).  

If you’d like a sample box, let’s talk! I’m happy to share more and I would absolutely love for more people to have the chance to check out The Nokbox. Thank you so much!

Nokbox Options

Original Nokbox | $159 - A box, hanging folders, and folders ready to go

Nokbox Naked | $99 - Everything in the Original but the box

Nokbox Lite | $59 - You provide the box and folders


Our new KidBox Lite is here for only $9.99! Your dependents really need their own box to store things like:

  • Health Records
  • School Documents
  • School Photos
  • Awards & Certificates
  • Fun Mementos
  • and more!

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Business Review

The Nokbox checksheets anticipate all of the not-so-fun surprises that my loved ones might encounter after my passing - from finding my keys to knowing what to do with my social media accounts. With my Nokbox set up for my loved ones, I can truly 'Rest In Peace,' whether that day comes tomorrow or decades from now. No chaotic scavenger hunts. No wondering where urgently needed documents are - everything's in the Nokbox!  

- Hamilton B., Denver, CO

The Nokbox is a must have for everyone. A streamlined process that has been laid out to make a very challenging process simplified. The contents will contain everything that you can think of to help prepare all of your important information, and important information that you haven't even thought you would need. This is a must for everyone, of all ages, and stage of life! This will save you $1,000s of dollars when preparing a will or trust, because everything is all in the Nokbox!  

- Lisa C., Littleton, CO

This is the organizational tool that EVERYONE needs but never thinks to address until they have put unwanted time, money and resources towards tasks. I have looked high and low for a system that houses all my information, and the results have been either too broad, not comprehensive enough, or not easy to implement. The Nokbox covers it all. This is a resource everyone needs for themselves and their aging parents. In addition to being a premier system to manage your daily life, it is essential in estate planning.  

- Michelle K, Littleton CO