SPRING BUCKET LIST: 105 Ways to Celebrate Spring (& Spring Break!) ๐ŸŒผ

Avoid the "I'm Boreds" During Spring Break!

By Christen Reiner, Macaroni Kid Lakewood-Littleton Editor and Publisher March 22, 2019
Spring has arrived! Although we haven't entered capri season, I'm thrilled that warmer weather is imminent. With Spring comes Spring Break! You know, that week when the kids struggle to find something to do, but there is SO MUCH to do! Check out our list of 105 Ways to Celebrate Spring... you can even print it out for easy access!


  1. Make Dirt Cupcakes
  2. Create a Simple Catepillar Craft
  3. Take a Family Ski Lesson at Keystone Resort
  4. Go on a Color Hunt
  5. Be a Tourist in Your Own State
  6. Eat Some Worms!
  7. Play in the Rain
  8. Build a Fairy/Gnome House
  9. Try Geocaching
  10. Make Your Own Sports Drink
  11. Play Some Outdoor Games
  12. Make a Butterfly Craft
  13. Create a Sun Catcher
  14. Craft Your Own Dancing Ribbon
  15. Make Your Own Moon Dough
  16. Create Your Own Bubble Wands
  17. Make a Duct Tape Soccer Ball
  18. Fashion a Mommy & Me Market Bag
  19. Try Out a Local Park
  20. Play at Kids Dig
  21. Get Creative at artSPARK
  22. Check Out Our Summer Camp & Activities Guide, and Plan Your Summer
  23. Visit a State Park
  24. Take a Day Trip
  25. Start Your Summer Bucket List
  26. Go to the Library
  27. Build a Fort
  28. Eat at a New Restaurant
  29. Have a Movie Night
  30. Make Happy Spring Cards for Your Neighbors
  31. Clean Out Your Clothes and Make a Donation
  32. Feed the Birds with Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders
  33. Clean Up Your Neighborhood
  34. Take a Photo Walk
  35. Fly a Kite
  36. Draw a Rainbow
  37. Plant Seeds
  38. Tie Dye a Shirt
  39. Read a Book
  40. Write a Story
  41. Send a Postcard 
  42. Wash the Car
  43. Make a Fruit Loop Necklace
  44. Draw with Sidewalk Chalk
  45. Take a Hike
  46. Visit the Farm Animals at the Littleton Museum for Free!
  47. Feed Some Ducks
  48. Look for Four Leaf Clovers
  49. Visit the Denver Zoo
  50. Camp in the Living Room
  51. Play with a Friend
  52. Watch the Clouds
  53. Create a "To Do" Jar
  54. Wade in the Creek at Belleview Park
  55. Check Out Some Art for Free at The Denver Art Museum
  56. Create a Nature Notebook
  57. Play Flashlight Tag
  58. Paint a Rock
  59. Dig for Worms
  60. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
  61. Go on a Bike Ride
  62. Tour Our State Capital
  63. Do a Science Experiment
  64. Make a Boat and Test it Out
  65. Shop at a Farmer's Market
  66. Make a Paper Airplane
  67. Visit Dinosaur Ridge
  68. Play in Shaving Cream
  69. Make Your Own Slime
  70. Take a Tour of Celestial Seasonings in Boulder
  71. Rollerskate at Skate City
  72. Go Swimming at The Ridge Recreation Center
  73. Visit Red Rocks
  74. See a show at Littleton Town Hall Arts Center
  75. Try a New Recipe
  76. Look for Bugs at Hudson Gardens
  77. Visit a Museum
  78. Listen to Music
  79. Have a Dance Party
  80. Try Yoga
  81. Make Your Own Pizza
  82. Make a Sock Puppet
  83. Take a Tour at Hammond's Candies
  84. Spend the Day in Denver
  85. Take a Tour of the Denver Mint
  86. Get Free Culture Passes at the Local Library
  87. Visit Barnes & Noble or The Tattered Cover for Storytime
  88. See a Movie at Elvis Cinemas
  89. Visit IKEA for Crafts & Free Lunch
  90. Sign Up for a Free Subscription to Lego Magazine
  91. Get Creative with Duck Tape
  92. Make a Mudpie
  93. Learn to Sew
  94. Go to Work with Mom or Dad
  95. Attend a High School Sporting Event
  96. Have a Family Game Night
  97. Host a Cupcake Decorating Contest
  98. Stay Up All Night
  99. Make Your Own Butter
  100. Put on a Play
  101. Ride the Light Rail
  102. Explore Downtown Littleton
  103. Explore the Lakewood Heritage Center
  104. Explore Belmar
  105. Plan Your Next Colorado Adventure!


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