The Macaroni KID Magnificent Mother's Day Guide

By Christen Reiner, Macaroni KID Lakewood-Littleton & Macaroni KID Denver Editor and Publisher May 6, 2023

Being a mother, or a mother figure, is a pretty big deal.

Celebrating the people who play a mom role in your life is pretty important.

Thanks to the efforts of a young Appalachian homemaker, a Boston poet, pacifist, and women’s suffragist, and a dedicated daughter on a mission, there is an official holiday to remind us to show our appreciation for our own moms and mom figures. 

We have gathered a Mother's Day bouquet of facts, jokes, and appreciation ideas to help you celebrate your mom or mom figure in style. And if you are a mom or mom figure, we hope that you feel appreciated this Mother's Day and always!


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  • Mother's Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May.
  • In May of 1907, Mother's Day was created by Anna M. Jarvis, to memorialize her mother’s lifelong activism and desire for a "mothers' holiday". Anna had arranged a special service at the Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, where her mother had taught Sunday school, a year after her mother passed away.
  • Carnations are the official flower of Mother’s Day in the United States.
  • Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants.
  • Brunch is the most popular meal eaten on Mother's Day.
  • 25% of all holiday flower and plant purchases are for Mother’s Day.
  • Over 120 million cards are sent for Mother’s Day.
  • The custom spread to churches in 45 states and in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Mexico and Canada. 
  • The Governor of West Virginia was the first to proclaim Mother’s Day in 1912.
  • In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day an annual national observance in the United States.
  • Anna M. Jarvis hated that Mother's Day had become too commercialized and tried to stop Mother’s Day five short years after getting it officially recognized.


What do you call a mom who can’t draw? 


Why is a computer so smart?

Because it listens to its motherboard.

Daughter: Mom, what’s it like to have the greatest daughter in the world?

Mom: I don’t know dear, ask your grandmother.

What was Cleopatra’s favorite day of the year?

Mummy’s Day.

Why don’t they have Mother’s Day sales?

Because mothers are priceless.

What is a mom’s favorite flower?