A Note From Your Publisher: The one about random joy 📝

By Christen Reiner, Macaroni KID Lakewood-Littleton & Macaroni KID Denver Editor and Publisher June 28, 2024

Hey Mac Families!

Something happened the other day that had me cackling, and I remembered how much I love when totally dumb, random things happen that turn out to be awesome. I laugh every time. 

I have passed this on to my children. Well, at least two of the three... my oldest just shakes his head. See previous A Note From Your Publisher: The one about head shakers... I must've passed that one on to him. 

So here ya go... some random things that have happened to me that always get me rolling.

The one that happened the other day --

My daughter was annoying me so I threw a pea-sized, wadded up straw wrapper at her. It promptly landed, and got stuck, in the corner of her mouth. It didn't bounce, or fall out. It just.... stopped. In the corner of her mouth. We laughed so hard that my hubs took a video. It's hecka embarrassing, and borderline ridiculous. Don't worry. I won't make you watch it.

  • When you pull a tissue out of the box and the next one comes waaaay out and stands straight up.
  • When you throw something and it inadvertently lands IN something else.
  • When your cat jumps straight up from a dead sleep.
  • When something lands upright when it should be pretty impossible for it to do so.
  • When water splashes up and hits you directly in the eyeball. Like drop to ball, as in basketball no net touching swish fashion. This actually happened once with toilet water. I will spare you the details.
  • When something falls but its cord gets caught up just in time to keep it from smashing into the floor. Or anything that is saved from a fall with no human interference.
  • When you catch something in midair that you were not planning to catch, and end up saving it from disaster. Like a glass. Falling off of the mantle. Because your kid threw a beach ball.
  • When a mom or dad saves a baby or toddler from fall or crash. Like the time my kid catapulted himself off of the bed, right next to me, headfirst toward a stack of magazines. That would have been super funny if I caught him. (Don't worry, he survived and is a thriving, almost 21 year old. And that was not the last time he hurled himself without regard to potential consequences.)
  • When snow falls out of a tree and lands directly INSIDE your glasses. Not outside of them. Not on your head (although ALSO funny). Inside your glasses.
  • When someone else drops something and you catch it without trying too hard.
  • When you text someone at the exact time that they are texting you.
  • When you call someone and it doesn't even ring because they are calling you.
  • When you bounce off of your sled and land in someone else's. Even better if you keep going.
  • When someone takes a direct hit to the head by a non-injuring ball dropping down from above them, that they didn't see coming. Preferably not me, although that's still funny.
  • When you grab a walnut instead of your keys and lock yourself out. Oh, wait.....

If you asked my husband, he'd probably say that the thinks it's cute that I find these things funny. Cute or ridiculous, I'll take the laughter any day. The thing is, laughter is good for you, no matter what gets you howling. Hope something silly and random that brings you joy happens to you this week!

Peace ☮️, Love ❤️, & Macaroni 🌼,


Originally published in June, 2022.